University of Maryland

Welcome to VCAI!

The goal of Values-Centered Artificial Intelligence (VCAI) is to integrate research and education across campus, engage in high-impact research with local stakeholders, and – hopefully – transform how artificial intelligence is practiced globally.

How can you get involved?

VCAI Mailing List
Get announcements for future seminars, meetups, socials, and AI-related events! Low volume and open to everyone.

VCAI Slack
Connect with other AI folks on campus. Discuss anything and everything AI at UMD. Open to anyone with an email address.

VCAI Seminars
Thursdays 2-3:15 in Iribe 2207 (starting Sep 28), all are welcome. The seminars are a mix of talks by UMD faculty and external invited speakers (Sloan, Lum, Raji). The link has both an RSS feed and calendar item. If you’d like to give a talk in the Spring, please email Emily Dacquisto!

Large Pretrained Models Workshop
Wondering how LPMs affect the future of your research? Join our workshop Riding the LPM Wave: The Future of Academic Research in the Era of Large Pre-trained Models (1p-5p, Fri 3 Nov, Iribe 0318). We’ll announce registration soon.

Faculty AI Roundtables
Joint with SODA, we’re running a series of faculty AI roundtables, in which a leader will select an AI-related topic and faculty with related interests will meet to discuss that topic. Announcements and signups will be sent to the mailing list.

VCAI Tutorials
Faculty, postdocs, and students are invited to organize a Spring tutorial on skills that researchers working on values-centered AI would find helpful, but never had the time to dive into. If you’d like to lead one, please email Emily Dacquisto; announcements will be sent to the mailing list.